100% free from synthetics, synthetic fragrances, parabens, SLS, SLES, fillers and rubbish

  • We’ve been using Do Bandar’s Coco-therapy as a food supplement for our two
    Indian dogs, Ella & Sparky, for over a year now and we could not be
    happier with the product. They both love the taste and it has done
    wonders for their coat and general immunity and well being. I fully
    recommend all dog owners consider adding 5 – 10ml of it to your dog’s
    food everyday. It’s a difference you can see and feel.

  • One word to describe Do Bandar is trust! What you hear / see is what you get…. There is no compromise on quality in any of their products.  For someone who has ultra sensitive skin, I have had tremendous satisfaction with their “vanilla and cinnamon” soap. I cannot think of any other soap ever! Thank you Do Bandar

  • I have been using Do Bandar products for over 6 months now and I would never switch back to regular soap again. For someone who has made a conscious decision to switch to an organic, natural, good for us and good for the planet lifestyle, these products are a real boon.  They have a wide variety of fragrances and having tried almost all, I have yet to come across one I didn’t like. There is also a good price range which makes buying Do Bandar products that much easier.
    I have given these goodies out as Diwali Gifts, to friends at school reunions and at family reunions, and have received only positive feedback so far.
    Mayura and Kaavya make and market their products with integrity and a real passion. They are easy to get in touch with and very helpful in putting hampers together, and if all of this weren’t enough, they even wrapped the gifts up in tasteful paper and net packaging AND threw in a little discount for my bulk orders as well. What more could anyone really ask for!!!! I wish them great success.

  • I’d recommend Do Bandar soaps to anyone looking for exciting soap flavors that keep you smelling good all day!  They’re all-natural too!

  • My Agumbe Ajji(Granny) always insisted about the use of herbs & plants for cooking and skin care as they always nourished our health.

    I read about Do Bandar in a news paper and visited their website.I was impressed with the natural and the traditional ingredients in their products.
    Initially ordered few soaps to test them.Used them for a month and could feel the difference in the skin texture.Air pollution had made facial skin dark and rough.After using the Do Bandar natural soaps regularly,skin felt smooth and clean.
    My family has been using all the Do Bandar products since then for healthier skin and to experience Ajji’s therapy again.Thanks Do Bandar & Best wishes to your team.