100% free from synthetics, synthetic fragrances, parabens, SLS, SLES, fillers and rubbish

  • Simple,sophisticated, natural..these soaps are just divine.

  • Ever since I tried the Do Bandar soaps a couple of months ago, have decided I will not shop for any others! That they are made from the most natural ingredients is the biggest draw. And they really, really feel so. They feel the most natural compared to natural soaps advertised by other, large brands. Lovely aromas too, and they last a while. The orange, besan, and turmeric ingredients totally take me back to a slower, purer time, when we actually used ingredients that were chemical free and easily available around the house. And Do Bandar has all the same goodness, in an easy to use package. The vanilla, cinnamon, and chocolate soaps and lotions are well, heaven!

  • Was thrilled to receive my order today. The package itself was smelling so good. You guys are awesome and your products are awesomer!! I am addicted to Do bandar and so is my Mom. She goes into a tizzy every time she smells the lotion bar and keeps sniffing my hair often the day I use Keshunzel.I must tell you my skin and hair… they have never felt like this before. Your stuff works like Magic!!! You guys have created works of art.

    But I must register my complaint…you guys lie a lot…You deliver soooo much more than you promise. 😉

    Love the logo its too darn cute. Love the packaging…love everything basically!!!

    Thank you so much guys for everything. Keep Rocking. Wishing you all the best for your future endeavours.Love you loads

  • One word to describe Do Bandar is trust! What you hear / see is what you get…. There is no compromise on quality in any of their products.  For someone who has ultra sensitive skin, I have had tremendous satisfaction with their “vanilla and cinnamon” soap. I cannot think of any other soap ever! Thank you Do Bandar

  • I’d recommend Do Bandar soaps to anyone looking for exciting soap flavors that keep you smelling good all day!  They’re all-natural too!