The unsaid and unspoken things about love-making, sexual wellness, and women’s intimate activities is something that troubles us. How unfortunate that one of the most natural things is social taboo, and just not something decent folks have a conversation about.

The truth is, sexual lubricants are a vital accessory – to help moisten a woman’s sensitive tissues, to stimulate and augment her body’s natural lubrication, and promote relatively friction-free sex. In short, to help her enjoy the sexual experience in her own right, and be able to give pleasure as best she can.

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Unfortunately though, there are a lot of things we do use when it comes to love-making, that literally enter our bodies – more so for women than men, but let me say, no one is exempt. This list includes mineral oils, glycerine (sweeteners), parabens and synthetic flavouring agents. Here’s what they can do to our most delicate parts:

Petroleum products can coat the skin, and sometimes interfere with normal skin function.
Parabens are synthetic preservatives that mimic the effects of oestrogen on our tissues.
Silicone-based ingredients – may have toxic effects, but are most ubiquitous because they are safe to use with latex condoms.
Glycerine – is a natural sugar. Basic biology tells us that sugar helps yeast grow, and yeast, or candida in the vaginal region is best avoided
Chlorhexidine – is found in many synthetic lubes. This can trigger irritation and toxicity in some women.

If there is such a raging debate about fragrances being the new ‘second hand smoke’; how come no one is speaking out about the toxins we are willingly shoving into our bodies almost every night? Some studies have raised this issue, but, not enough people even have an inkling of what they are putting into their systems, and sadly, not even the FDA requires testing of personal lubricants.

At Do Bandar, we make a Love Potion: tried and tested to great effect, and made from completely natural ingredients. Our star ingredient is raw, cold-processed virgin coconut oil – nature’s richest source of anti-microbial lauric, capric and capryllic acids, that keeps fungal, yeast and bacterial infections at bay, help promote healing, and have no adverse effect on your attempts to make babies. We add a hint of erotic essential oils that will help you ease into a delicious state of arousal. So while our Love Potion is not safe to use with latex condoms, you can use it for and with pretty much anything else!

By: Kaavya Nag
Kaavya Nag is the Co-founder of Do Bandar.