When it comes to skin, nature or science, which one triumphs?
The multi-billion dollar skincare industry sells most of its products on emotion, and not on the scOrganic Natural Body Care Product, Essential Ingredients That Will Not Harm Your Skinience of what is good for human skin.

The majority of body-care products contain chemicals that in small doses are ‘virtually harmless’. But take the average woman today: who wears makeup, and has at least twenty products in her make-up kit alone. Then come the lotions, creams, gels and serums – you do the math.

A small dose of these chemicals each day accumulates to become quite harmful. Perhaps the chemicals in a whitening agent will give you more effective results instead of milk but these very chemicals can harm your skin terribly.  So what can one substitute for these artificial ingredients?

Egg albumen, for example, acts as an excellent emollient, moisturiser, anti-oxidant, skin conditioner and bacterial agent. However perhaps it’s an undesirable smell, so let’s look at honey for the skin.  Honey is a natural antioxidant, and anti-microbial – with the ability to absorb and retain moisture. Honey also has properties that can be used to treat acne. In addition honey also helps cure scars and marks on the skin.         honey-face-mask

Then there is Aloe: the ancient Egyptians learnt long ago, Aloe Vera leaves are rich in a gel that contains minerals, vitamins, enzymes, and amino acids- a natural blend for cooling and soothing, it keeps your skin soft and young looking, a beauty miracle of sorts. Alpha hydroxyl acids (AHA) or fruit acids smooth skin texture and reduce fine lines AHAs also help stimulate collagen production and unclog pores for an even fresher, younger look. Similarly natural ingredients can substitute every chemical out there in the market. So why not chose something that is both kinder to your skin and nature as well?

Written by:
Spondona Chattopadhyay