• Lip Scrub – Honey and Cinnamon
Lip Scrub – Honey and Cinnamon

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Product Description

Our Honey & Cinnamon lip scrub has amazing effects on your lips making them fuller, hydrated and smoother.

The Organic brown sugar exfoliates the lips removing all the dead, dry and chapped bits of skin and adds a pretty amazing flavour to the mix. Cinnamon is a naturally plumping agent making your lips far fuller, which is amazing (why have Botox when you can use cinnamon?!). Honey is a humectant….trapping all the moisture in keeping your lips hydrated.Almond oil and Cocoa butter helps to heal the lips and keep them soft and supple.


Organic brown sugar, organic raw honey, Cinnamon, Almond oil & Cocoa butter.

* Completely edible!!

* Please test on a small patch of skin for allergic reactions before use .