• Patchouli Soap
Patchouli Soap
FOR PEACE, CALM AND WOODSTOCK TRANQUILITY. We make no claims of this being similar to the stuff that was available back in the woodstock days....

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Product Description

Uplifting aromatherapy.

That’s patchouli for you. THE oil of the flower-power days, patchouli is effective against acne, dermatitis, eczema, aged skin and chapped skin. Cashmere carpets used to be lightly scented with this essential oil. Its delicate earthiness and thick lingering fragrance makes it a favourite with those preferring woody balsamic fragrances.

Indications: for sensitive, dry, chapped, cracked skin, and for those who prefer woody fragrances (read men). Can be used on children as well.

Ingredients: saponified oils of coconut, rice bran and palm, essential oil of patchouli.

Weight: 100 grams when packed

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